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This story come from the Wishpower seminar by Dr. Javad Hashtroudian:

In the late 70s, when American cars were not in such a great demand (but at least cars did sell unlike today in the current economic mess), this guy owned a Chrysler dealership in a small Midwestern town.

This guy’s dealership was not doing so well. His brother had a Toyota dealership and his high school rival (you know the bully who beat you up ans stole you lunch money) a Honda dealership.

Customers were lining up to buy their small gas efficient vehicles, while he tweedled his thumbs waiting for even one person to enter his dealership to examine his gas guzzlers. His cousin, who owned a Chrysler dealership in Chicago, was even selling a few cars given the size of his market.

He was sick to death of hearing his mother telling him to be more like his brother or that nice Jones boy (his rival the bully). When he would tell his mother that Chryslers were just not selling his mother would talk about his cousin and how her sister was always boasting about how well her son was doing.

As he was bored doing nothing he fished a lot to pass the time.  One day he went fishing in a hidden lake he had found while lost and caught this little goldfish who, to his surprise, said, “Please sir, I am a special fish with magical powers. Let me go and I’ll give you one wish.”

The guy said, "How do I know you can do that?"

The fish replied, "How many talking fish have you seen before?"

He thought to himself, “What have I to lose? Anyway, the fish is way too small,” and let the fish go free.

The fish thanked him and told him to write his wish on a piece of paper and put it under his pillow and sleep on it. In the morning his wish would be fulfilled.

So that night the guy wrote, “I wish to own an foreign car dealership in a large cosmopolitan city .” He put the paper under his pillow and the last thing he thought of before going to sleep is, “Here goes nothing.”

Next morning he woke up in Tokyo owning a Chrysler dealership.

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