The wise physician and the pomegranate

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In the olden days there was a wise physician who had an eager apprentice.  This student kept asking the master if he could prescribe for on the patients.  The teacher kept repeating that the student was not yet ready.

The pupil kept importuning and pleading to serve a patient.  Eventually the teacher said, “Soon a patient will come who will complain of a certain pain in the chest.  He needs to drink the juice of a pomegranate and he will be cured.”

Sure enough a patient with such symptoms arrived and the eager apprentice listened to the ailment and before the patient had finished shouted, “Take pomegranate juice!”

The patient became angry and left the physician’s abode complaining that the idiot did not know what he was talking about.  The physician told the student to observe him since soon another patient would arrive who also needed pomegranate juice.

Once more there was not a long wait before such a patient arrived.  The wise doctor listened with care to the patients complains.  He thoughtfully stroke his beard.  “This is a difficult case.  Let me think.  You need the juice of a fruit.  It must not be too sharp.  No a lemon will not do.  It must not be from a fruit with a soft skin.  No not an apple.  I think it must be a red fruit.  Yes, a cherry perhaps?  No, that’s too sweet.  A strawberry?  No that too has a soft skin.  This is a taxing case.  But, you have come to the right place.  It might take a little time but I am sure I will get it right.”

He then went to his book case and opened an old book.  He leaved through it and paused on a page.  Suddenly he shut the book and rushed back to face the patient.  “I know, what you need is the juice of a pomegranate.”

The patient was very pleased and left accepting the prescription and later when he was cured brought two sheep and a goat as a gift to the physician.

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