A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend

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In Iran we have a story about children playing together. Ali the youngest was everyone’s favorite and had many friends but one enemy called Rashid. One day as they played, Ali fell down in a well. All Ali’s friends were scared since they had been told not to play near the well. So they ran away and went home without telling anyone about what had happened.

Fortunately Rashid saw Ali falling into the well. He knew that if something happened to Ali he would be the one who might be blamed. Being wise, he called the adults and told them what had happened. Ali’s father threw a rope into the well and Ali was saved and now Ali and Rashid, the wise became best friends.

From this we get the Persian saying, “A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.”

The real point is that we do not know what goes on in an other’s mind. As Jesus said, “By their fruits you will know them.” It is the effects of our actions which matter not our intentions.

However, when we have good (wise) intention and act on those intentions we will act well and produce good results.


As I’m about to repost this lost story from a now defunct blog (I thought I had lost everything on it and now have managed to recover some of the posts), I’m thinking that some of these “Persian” stories may in fact come from other sources and this story with the moral so plainly at the end may come from Aesop’s fables, but the source  is not as important as the meaning of the story in itself.

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