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Once Mullah Nasrudin’s neighbor came to borrow his donkey. The Mullah did not wish to loan his donkey and said it was on loan to his other neighbor, Mustapha. Just then Nasrudin’s donkey brayed. The neighbor said, “I thought you had lent it to Mustapha.”

The Mullah replied, “Who are you going to believe, me or the donkey?”

In fact so often we make ourselves blind to the facts and believe what we are told. The other side of the coin is displayed by this story:

Once Mullah Nasrudin went to the bakery to buy bread for his wife. When he got to the bakery he noticed a long queue waiting to buy bread. The Mullah hated waiting in lines and therefore he thought to himself and then said, “People, people, don’t you know the Sultan’s daughter is getting married tonight and he is giving away free food at the palace?” So the people left the line and ran toward the Sultan’s palace and soon the Mullah was in front of the line. The Mullah was about to pay and buy his bread when he thought to himself, “What a fool am I? All the people are getting free food and I’m about to pay for bread?” So he ran after the people. When he arrived at the palace he was beaten by the angry mob.

Here we believe our own propaganda. This is even more ominous than believing someone else’s lies. At least then there is some hope that we may see the truth but when we fool ourselves we are very likely not to change our minds in spite of all evidence.

In fact research done of end of times cults (there are cults who believe their prophet who tells them the world is coming to an end on such and such a date) show that when the world does not end at the appointed date, they become even more true believers.

Our brains are question answering machines. If we ask good questions we get good answers. It is GIGO (garbage in garbage out) and when we ask ourselves stupid questions we get stupid answers. By good and stupid I only mean useful or negative questions. Thus if you ask, “How can I make the best of this situation,” you will get a great answer. On the other hand if you ask, “Why am I so unlucky,” your brain will come up with an appropriate negative answer.

So ask yourself where you are fooling yourself? Deep down on some level we know the truth and yet we continue lying to ourselves. And if you ask yourself the above good question you will get a great answer.

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