We’re only haggling

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This teaching story is ascribed to the English play write and wit George Bernard Shaw.

One night Bernard Shaw was at a party and he notices this stuck up pretty young debutant giggling here and giggling there. He approaches her and says, "Will you sleep with me if I give you two pounds?"

The debutant slaps Shaw and say, "What do you think I am?"

So Shaw goes away and comes back in half an hour to the same young lady and says, "Will you sleep with me if I give you a million pounds?"

The girl giggles back at the famous author and replies, "Of course, Mr Shaw."

So once more the author leaves the bell of the ball and returns a few minutes later with the refrain, "Will you sleep with me if I give you two pounds?"

Once more the debutant slaps him asking, "What do you think I am?"

George Bernard Shaw replies, "We already decided what you are. We’re now only haggling about the price."


Another story about Bernard Shaw has him again at a party. This time he is approached by another debutant who says, "Mr. Shaw we should be married and have a child for he could inherit my looks and your genius and look where would he be?"

Shaw replies, "Madam, with my luck I’m afraid he might inherit my looks and your genius and then where would he be?"


Last story about England and parties. This one is about Winston Churchill who loved to drink a lot. A dowager lady approached Churchill and says, "Winston you are drunk again!"

Churchill replies, "And you are ugly…. In the morning I’ll be sober…."

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