Unfair exchange is a robbery

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This is a true story:

In the sixties before Afghanistan was a war zone, a peace corps group were in Afghanistan to help the country. They were hydrologists helping to build small irrigation dams and other projects. So these wonderful young Americans who were helping were going from one town to another in two Bedford trucks.

In the middle of nowhere between two villages, one of the trucks broke down. After a little examination and analysis the peace corps volunteers realized that the drive shaft of one of the trucks was broken. So half the group went with the healthy truck to next town to buy and return with a drive shaft.

They arrived at the town and found a mechanic who told them to stay in the caravansary (hotel) and he could get them the sapre part by next day.

The next day the volunteers waiting with the broken truck saw a few camels passing by. On one was a Bedford drive shaft. After half an hour of haggling they settled on the price of two hundred dollars and changed the broken part and drove toward their companions. They eventually found the other Bedford truck by the caravansary and cheerfully rushed in to greet their friends.

They said, “No thanks to you guys but do you believe it that we got ourselves a working drive shaft.”

The other group sadly said, “We believe it – they stole our drive shaft last night!”

Another true story:

This was told to me by two National Geographic photographers. They had gone to Italy on a photo shoot and took all their expensive photographic gear into a rental car. On their way to their destination they had a flat. As it happened two mechanics with uniforms came by and greeted them. They said that they worked at a shop next street and were walking by when they saw their flat tire.

They spoke good English and said, “Go have lunch over at that restaurant and we’ll have your tire mended before you have your desert.” After a wonderful Italian country cooking meal they came out and saw no car. They looked for the mechanics and the auto shop and no mechanics and auto shop. Eventually they had to call the police who told them that there was a gang who noticed which foreigners had expensive suite cases and used a small nail to make a tiny hole in the tire of the rent a car.

They would have mechanics clothes on and follow the car with the slow leak. Eventually once the car stopped with the flat they would greet the renters with the story and once they had gone to eat would steal the car which they would dump after taking all the luggage (in this case thousands of dollars worth of cameras and lenses).

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