The wise old man and the noisy children

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A wise old man lived at the end of a quite cul-de-sac. All was well until a family with a few children moved next door. They made a little noise which disturbed the wise old man a little. A few months later another family with children moved the other side. Now, the noise increased geometrically as the kids always played with each other and even if a few wanted to study the noise of the others got them outside playing just outside the old man’s house.

It was becoming unbearable and the old man thought and thought of something he could do to keep the rowdy kids quite. He went to bed that night with the intention of coming up with a solution to the noisy children. That night he had many dreams.

Next day when the children started their racket, he went our smiling and said, “I love the sound of children playing. I’ll give a quarter each if you come here and play loudly. Bring drums, horns and other toys to make me happy.”

So the children brought all their loudest toys and played just outside his bedroom all afternoon. At the end of their playing he went out and thanked the children for their wonderful work and gave them a quarter each. This continued for the next five days.

On the sixth day he went our apologetically before the children started playing and said, “I’m afraid my finances have changed and I can only afford to give you a dime each.”

The children grumbled and did not make noise as enthusiastically. Another few days passed and the old man greeted the children once more. He had a saddened fact and said he was so sorry but his financial situation had realy turned for the worse and he could no longer afford to give the children any money, but that he hoped that they would continue making him happy out of the kindness of their heart.

After he returned into his home the children had a conference and decided they refused to work for free for the old miser. From now on whenever they wanted to be noisy they would go to the nearby park and make their noise where the old man could not benefit for free.

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