The tale of three men and three bags of raisins

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This teaching tale comes from one of my friends and mentors Melkom Melomian the ambulance driver of my father’s hospital in Tehran, Iran. He taught me to drive and taught me many more important things.

Three men each had a bag of raisins the first one was a pessimist and alawys ate the worst raisin. Thus he ate the worst from the very first to he last raisin.

The next was the optimist and always ate the best raisin. So he ate the best even to the very last one.

The last man followed the middle way of balance. He would put his hand into the bag and eat the first raisin which would come out. Sometimes he would end up with an outstanding taste and at others a plain taste. He would always get a surprise not knowing what providence would provide. He would smile no matter what and enjoy and appreciate the raisin he was eating.


This middle way is the best way according to most esoteric systems and wisdom traditions. My Kabbala teacher Stephan Hoeller describes Chesed one of the Sephira on the three pillars tree of life this way:

Chesed (loving kindness) is like a soft ice cream machine. It is totally joyful and good – the problem is that too much and the whole universe is covered by ice cream. This is like the guy eating all the best raisins.

On the other side of the tree of life we have Gevura (judgment or severity) this is the wrath of God. It is the aspect of divinity which says, "Vengeance is mine."

In the middle pillar of balance lies Tiferet (beauty – the Christ point) which balances justice and forgiveness to give peace and happiness.

Think about the three men and how you eat. In fact however you do it is perfect for you.

The Fool’s Pilgrimage, Second Edition: Kabbalistic Meditations on the Tarot By Stephan Hoeller

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