The Mahout God

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A novice had at last understood that there was no reality to individuality but all is God. I’m God. You are God. The cat is God and even the AIDS virus is God.

Like all novices he became a zealot and kept saying, “This wall is God,” and “That mountain is God,” and “Alexander the Great is God.”

This last statement made many angry as Alexander had recently conquered that part of India causing havoc, plunder and death. It was like someone today saying, “Hitler is God!”

One day the novice was walking in the Indian jungle when he heard, “Out of the way, out of the way – mad elephant!”

He thought, “I’m God. The elephant is God. How can God hurt God?” So he stood in the way of the mad elephant.

As the mahout kept warning of the stampeding mad elephant the novice stood with his hand in front screaming to the onrushing elephant, “Stop! Don’t you see I’m God.”

Of course he was trampled upon and hardly survived with a few broken bones.

A few weeks later, he hobbled along in his bandages to his master. He asked, “Master, did you not say that all is God?”

The master replied in the affirmative.

“So,” the novice continued, “I’m God. The elephant is God. How could God hurt God?”

The master smiled kindly and said, “It’s true, you are God and The elephant is God. But how come you did not listen to the warnings of the Mahout God who told you get out of the way.”

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