The lion, the cat, nepotism and jobs

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A domestic cat lived in the lap of luxury but still wanted more and more. One day the greedy cat heard that he was a distant relative to the king of the jungle. He left his comfortable home to search his cousin fifth removed. After much hardship and many perilous adventures he arrived at the jungle.

He next asked for the king and many animals would not tell him who the king was, where he lived, or what his name was. Eventually a jackal had mercy on the cat and instead of eating him told him that the king’s name was he lion and pointed him to the den.

The cat arrived at the lions abode, and said, “Greetings, O’ Lion. I have traveled from afar to visit you as we are cousins.”

The lion looked and saw the similarities and replied, “Greetings, cousin, and welcome. What boon do you wish me to grant?”

“Simple, sire, I want to serve you. Give me a job any job,” said the greedy cat hoping for great reward.

The lion said, “I don’t need any servants or helpers but tell me what can you do?”

The cat puffed his chest out and replied, “I’m a hunter. I can catch rats and mice.”

“Then, my dear cousin, go catch me a rat.”

The cat went away and after eight hours came back with a rat in his mouth. This had been much more difficult than he imagined as the jungle rats were much hardier and faster than city rats. Triumphantly the cat threw the dead rat in front of the king of the jungle.

“I thank you cousin,” the lion said. “You have the job of the official rat catcher for me and your salary is….”

The cat waited eagerly to hear what great booty would be his.

The lion continued, “Your salary is…. Let me think…. I know, you can eat every rat you catch!”

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