The final message

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A Zen master was very close to death. His students brought him a piece of his favorite cake. They surounded the master’s deathbed and watched him eatung his cake. As the dying master was nibbling on the cake, one of the students asked the master, "Do you have a final message for us?"

The dying master feebly replied, "Yes. This cake is delicious." And then he died.

Mullah Nasrudin was asked, "When is the end of the world (day of judgement)?"

Nasrudin replied, "The small end of the world or the big day of judgement?"

They asked the Mullah, "What do you mean the big and smal end of time?"

Nasrudin replied, "As far as I’m concerned the little end of world will be when my wife dies, and the big end of time is when I die."

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