The Dervish and the donkey

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A wise Sufi was giving a talk at the invitation of the Sultan for the opening of the grand mosque in Istanbul. The Sultan and all the dignitaries of the Ottoman Empire were there for the celebration. When the sheikh got up to talk before this learned and sophisticated assembly, a simple-minded man jumped up and said, “O great Sheikh, I lost my donkey. The whole of Istanbul is here. Please ask them if anyone has seen my donkey.”

Everyone, even the Sultan, laughed. The Sufi Master said, “Sit. I’ll find you a donkey.” He then addressed the crowed, “Are there any of you who do not know what love is, who have not tasted love in any shape of form?”

At first no one moved. Then slowly one man got up and said, “I have never tasted love. I don’t know what it is, I don’t want to know and to be honest I really don’t even know what it is to like someone.” This encouraged two more to stand up and nod in agreement.

The Sheik said to the man who had lost his donkey, “You lost one donkey and here I present you three.”

I just went for a short walk to clear my head and my eyes and a neigbor stoped me and asked about hypnotherapy and other health issues. I spent more than half an hour with him and his wife talking about their daughter who may have some mental issues. I was in a hurry but I continued talking and helping to the best of my abilities.

Remember that no one, on a deathbed, ever complained about not having achieved more. People who are about to die regret not having been kinder. They regret not having loved or shown love enough. So be a menche (human being) and love more and show the people you love that you love them.

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