The adulterer and the thirsty dog

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This is a hadith (stories of sayings of the Prophet of God Mohammad – peace be on him). This story comes from Sufi sources and is not authenticated.

The adulterer and the thirsty dog:

Once an adulterer saw a thirsty dog dying of dehydration. He went to a well and drew water for the dog and brought the dog back to health. The prophet of God said that for this single act of kindness all the sins of the adulterer were forgiven.


It is important to understand two contexts for the above story:

  1. Dogs are considered dirty in Islam and if a dog touches you, you need to ritually wash yourself again before you can say your prayers.
  2. Adultery is one of only three crimes for which a Muslim may be executed by another Muslim.

This story shows the compassion and forgiveness in true Islam.

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