Thank God!

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This a true story – makes it even more of a teaching story than the anecdotes and parables on this site:

Roberto Di’Chincenzo is a top golfer in Agentina, as famous as Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicholas, or Tige Woods in Latin America. He is well known for his extreme kindness, compassion and generosity as well as his golf.

Early on in his career after he had won a tournament, received the check and was walking to the car park when a young lady came up to him in tears. When he asked what was wrong she told him that her baby son was sick and was dying and she had no money to send him to the hospital.

Roberto immediately took his winning check out and endorsed it over to the young lady for her sick son. He said, "Make some good days for the baby."

A few weeks later a club manager told Roberto, "You remember that young lady yo gave moany to the other day."

Robert anxiously asked him, "What about her son?"

The club manager said, "There is no son. She is a charlatan and has been using that story to scam people."

Roberto replied, :You mean there is no dying baby?"

"No, my friend," the club manager said, "You’ve been had, my friend."

Roberto smiled and said, "Thank God! That’s the best news I have heard all week!"

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