Gift of God

This teaching story comes from Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism literally meaning receiving… When the Ultimate Reality created the heavens, earths, and the gods doves did not have wings. Each day the lion would persecute the dove, running after her and scaring her to near death. The dove prayed to the Ultimate Reality for help and succor. […]

Nasrudin and what people think

Mullah Nasrudin was returning from the market with his son and donkey. They had sold all the goods they had taken to the bazaar and now the Mullah was riding the donkey and his son was on foot when a passing man said, “Aren’t you ashamed old man that you ride the donkey and your […]

I dropped her at the other side

A Zen master and novice were walking from one monastery to another. They came to a wide fast river. A young lady was drying at the bank. The master asked her what her problem was. She replied that she had to get to the other side but the river runs too fast and I am […]

A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend

In Iran we have a story about children playing together. Ali the youngest was everyone’s favorite and had many friends but one enemy called Rashid. One day as they played, Ali fell down in a well. All Ali’s friends were scared since they had been told not to play near the well. So they ran […]

Mullah Nasrudin and thank God

Here are three short teaching stories: Nasrudin and thank God: Mullah Nasrudin had bought a new pair of shoes that he only wore to feasts. One day, he was plowing his field while wearing hi pair of old torn shoes. He hurt his foot on a big thorn. As he was washing and bandaging his […]

Pay no attention to miracles

Here we have two teaching stories one from Zen sources and another from Sufi with the same message about powers or miracles. A student of Zen got some powers after ten years of Zazen (sitting Zen meditation). He ran into the master’s chamber and excitedly told him of the powers he had acquired  from his […]

How to divide eighteen camels into three unequal portions

The following two puzzles are ascribed to Ali Ibn Talib, Amir Al Momenin (Ali the son of Talib, the Prince of the Faithful, the son in law of the prophet Mohamad – mpbh – the first Imam of the Shiites and the fourth true Khalif of the Sunies). Basically he’s is an extremely important dude […]