Satan and the stake

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One day Satan complained to God, “It’s so unjust. Whenever bad happens, no matter what people do, they blame me.”

God said, “Show me what you mean?”

Satan saw a powerful billy goat attached to a rope tied to a stake. Satan loosened the stake and said, “That’s all I’m doing.”

The goat pulled out the stake and ran toward his owner’s house. The door was open and the goat barged in and saw his reflection in a beautiful antique mirror. So the goat charged at his own reflection and broke the mirror which shattered.

The mistress of the house who had had this mirror in her family for years ordered the servants to kill the goat. “Cut off that animalls head,” she screamed.

Now this goat was her husband’s especial pet. He had fed it by hand from the time he was a tiny kid. When the husband got home he saw his beloved goat dead. He asked, “Who killed my goat?”

His wife answered him, “I killed you goat because he destroyed my beautiful mirror which belonged to my great grandmother.”

The irate husband screamed, “In that case, I divorce you.”

The wife’s brothers and father heard about this insult to their family and went after the husband with guns. Next the husband’s family took revenge and this war has been going on for hundreds of year.

Satan turned to God and said, “What did I do? All I did was to loosen the stake a little and they blame me for all the mischief.”

The above story reminds me of one by the great Turkish Satirist Aziz Nasin, “Why the cat ran out of the kitchen meowing?” If I do not find it on the web I’ll write it here on another day (from memory).

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