Realy Late

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Mullah Nasrudin was flying from London to New York on a jumbo jet. After three hours the pilot calmly started to speak on the intercom, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Do not be alarmed but we have a problem with one of our engines and I have shut it off. This plane is very safe and can easily fly on three engines. Since we are over half way to New York we will continue to our destination but I must warn you we will be half an hour late.”

A few minutes later the pilot reassured the passengers by saying, “This is you captain again. There is no need to be concerned. I have had to shut of another engine. We are quite safe, but we will be two hours late as we’ll be going slower.”

A few minute went by and the pilot came on the intercom yet once more, “Don’t be alarmed. The third engine was on fire. I managed to turn the fire of by shutting it down. We will be four hours late.”

At this the Mullah turned to his companion and said, “I hope we don’t lose the forth engine, else we’ll be real, real late!”

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