Pigs and time

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Time, what is it? It’s like when I don’t think about it I know what it is and when I think about it I’m clueless. That’s what Saint Agustin or Saint Paul or saint Thomas Aquinas said about something or other or was it a supreme court justice said about pornography.

We do know that time is relative and psychological time is even more relative than time in physics. In fact Albert Einstein explained  the relativeness of psychological time this way:

If you spend a day with a person the first day you fall in love it seems like two minutes and if you are forced to sit on a hot stove for two minutes it seems like a whole day.

Anyway, this teaching story is about time and how we perceive it:

A city folk (a time and efficiency expert) is visiting the country and notices a farmer feeding his pigs in a very peculiar way.

The farmer lifts a pig up to an apple tree until the pig reaches an apple and eats it. He next takes the pig to another apple and allows it to eat the next apple on the tree until the pig is full.

Then the farmer places the pig down and gets hold of the next pig and feeds it in the same way. One by one he feeds the pigs this way.

The time and efficiency expert goes to the farmer and says, “I have a suggestion which will save a huge amount of time.”

The farmer eagerly listens.

The city folk says, “Why don’t you shake the tree. The apples will fall and then the pigs can eat to their hearts content.”

The farmer thinks for a little and says, “But the pigs don’t care about time.”

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