Pay no attention to miracles

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Here we have two teaching stories one from Zen sources and another from Sufi with the same message about powers or miracles.

A student of Zen got some powers after ten years of Zazen (sitting Zen meditation). He ran into the master’s chamber and excitedly told him of the powers he had acquired¬† from his practice. The Zen master patiently and compassionately listened.

When the student had finished the Zen master smiled and said, “I understand. When you meditate for ten years more the impediment will go away.”


Here is the same idea from a Sufi source (Hujwiri):

My master once told me:

“One year the Saints of God met in the middle of the desert and my master, Husri, took me with him. They came to the congregation,¬† some on camels, some on thrones, and some flying, but Husri paid no attention to them.
Then an emaciated youth with torn shoes and a broken staff hobbled toward us and my master ran toward him and took him to a place of honor.
Later when we were alone I asked my master about the young man and why he had treated him so well. My master told me that he was one of God’s saints who did not follow saintship, but saintship followed him, and that he paid no heed to miracles.”

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