Parables as teaching stories

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Jesus Christ taught in parables because we are story telling and hearing creatures. We love stories and learn much better from them than from cold facts. Advertisers know this and often use stories to sell their products.

Here is a teaching story from the Jewish tradition on parables:

Truth entered a village naked as the day he was born. The villagers had one look at the naked truth and were afraid of the stark harshness and drove him out in anger and malice.

Dejected, the Truth wondered in the desert. Without food and nourishment, he weakened and would have soon died of loneliness. One day he got to the home of the Parable.  She took him in, nursed him back to life. Soon the Truth was feeling well again. This time he returned to the same village clothed in a parable and was welcome and accepted with ease.

Short and sweet and coincidentally self-reflexive – refers back to itself – in this case it is truth clothed in a parable to teach you about teaching stories.

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