Pain is easy – itching is hard

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I just returned from the dentist after my quarterly gum cleaning. I have had gum disease for more thanĀ  thirty years and the periodentists have done a wonderful job of helping keep most of my teeth.

Because of the deep damage to the gums the cleaning has been extremely painful and I used to ask for so much nitrous that it would nearly knock me out. Once they could not open the nitrous tap and I hypnotized myself to rid the pain.

It worked fine but I used nitrous and other analgesics from then on.

However, the last two times I decided that I would use hypnosis for pain management from now on.

So today, I managed a very strong pain and felt nothing painful in my mouth. But, my nose started to itch. I had not desensitized my nose for itching. It itched more and more and more.

Eventually I asked the hygienist to stop for a moment, scratched my nose. I told the hygienist, “Pain is easy – itching is hard.” We laughed a lot then it was time to continue and so I rehypnotized myself.

This time I added the intention of not itching as well as no pain and the itch came back (it is not that you lose all awareness – it is that the pain becomes minor discomfort and does not bother you) but it was so innocuous that we

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