Oh, but what a lovey suit

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Mullah Nasrudin had gone to his Isphehani** tailor who had a badly cut suit he wanted to get rid of. Knowing that Nasrudin was a fool he got the Mullah to wear the ill fitting suit. The Mullah looked at himself in the mirror and complained but the tailor said, “Oh sir, this is the perfect suit for you all you have to do is to bend in this way, raise your left arm like this and lower your right this way,” and…, and….

Soon the Mullah is twisted like a contortionist and he hobbled out of the tailor’s with his “brand new” suit. Two friends saw him and the first one said, “Poor Mullah he has become crippled.” The second one whispered back, “Oh, but what a lovey suit!”

** The Isphehanis come from Isphehan and are supposed to be shrewed (manipulative in reality).

I wrote a teaching story on the main Life Focus Center blog. Click here to read it.

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