Nasrudin the rats, crow and the dog

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Nasrudin and the rats

A friend complained to Nasrudin that he had fifty pounds of wheat and before he knew it the rats had come and eaten all his wheat.

Nasrudin replied, “I too had fifty pounds of wheat and before the rats knew it I had eaten all my wheat.”

Since that was a short story two more short Nasrudin stories for you.

The black crow:

Mullah Nasrudin’s wife was washing her clothes when a crow came and stole the piece of soap and took it to the top of a tree. She shouted to Nasrudin, “Come the black crow took my soap.”

Nasrudin looked up and without concern said, “Not important. Don’t you see the poor crow is so dirty. He needs the soap much more than we do.”

The dog bite:

A dog bit Nasrudin and he hurt. They told him, “If you want to heal quickly feed him some meat.”

Nasrudin thought and replied, “If I do that all the neighborhood dogs will want to bite me.”

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