Nasrudin and the flying donkey

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Another two short Mullah Nasrudin short teaching stories I had posted in another website which went down and as I’m finding the stories I’m transferring here.

Nasrudin and the flying donkey

Mullah Nasrudin was riding his donkey at a slow pace one day when his donkey saw a snake in the road and started to bolt.

He was holding on for dear life, when some villagers asked him, “Nasrudin, where are you going so fast?”

The Mullah shouted back, “Don’t ask me, ask my donkey!”

Nasrudin and the Lost Donkey

Nasrudin’s donkey was lost. Everyone helped him to search the neighborhood. They searched the whole village and no donkey. A friend said, “Mullah, you don’t seem to be too worried. You realize, your donkey may never be found?”

The Mullah replied, “You see that hill, over there? No one has looked there yet. If they don’t find it there, then I’ll start worrying.”

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