Nasrudin and what a wonderful donkey

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Mullah Nasrudin’s donkey would not obey him. He was wild, unruly, slow and obstinate. After unsuccessfully doing all he could do to make his donkey behave, the Mullah gave up and took his donkey to the Bazaar to sell at auction.

The auctioneer was good. Oh,┬áhe was so good. The bidding started with one Ashrafi coin (a small gold coin worth about a guinea). The auctioneer talked about the donkey’s strong muscles. Five people bid up the price to eight coins.

The auctioneer said, “This is a most gentle donkey. Just look at his eyes. You know he’s a wonderful donkey. You can let him carry your children home with full knowledge of the fact that this kind animal will protect them from any harm. For he is a strong loyal beast.”

Two of the five bidders had dropped out but the other three bid up the price to eighteen coins (nearly what it was worth).

The auctioneer continued talking about the donkey’s value and about how he was tall and had a long tail to swat the flies with.

Now, there were only two bidders left.

The auctioneer laid it thick and the price went up to thirty five coins. People who knew the Mullah’s donkey were very pleased with him. He was going to get an excellent price for his donkey even after paying the twenty percent auctioneer commission and the five percent tax.

Suddenly some one at the back started to bid. The auctioneer was so pleased. “A new bidder,” he announced gleefully.

The new bidder finally bid the donkey up to forty coins and the auctioneer said, “Going, going, gone!”

The bidder came forward and was revealed to be no one other than Mullah Nasrudin himself. He was so pleased with his fantastic buy. It cost him ten Ashrafi coins to pay the commission and the tax.

The Mullah did not even ride his “new, gentle, kind, powerful” donkey home. This was a prize donkey which was to be cherished, looked after and used for stud only.

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