Nasrudin and the supersonic horse

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Mullah Nasrudin was the chief protocol officer at the court of the Shahanshah (King of Kings). One day the his majesty told Nasrudin, “The Grand Maharajah of all Hindustan (India) is visiting us. I boasted to him about the speed of “Shahab” (lightning) my favorite Arabian horse. When he arrives let him know that the horse is super fast. I want him to be totally flabbergasted.

Next day when the Grand Maharajah arrived next day, Nasrudin bowed so low that he kissed the great potentate’s shoes. He got up when commanded to and after welcoming the Indian ruler he apologized for the absence of the Shahanshah, “His Magnificence had to leave this morning to visit Isfahan, Mashhad, Tabriz, Susa, Babylon, Kerman, Kurdestan, Kabul, Neishapoor, Baghdad and Tashkent.”

The Maharajah was visibly disturbed at this insult. He shouted, “When will the king be back.”

Nasrudin replied, “Here he comes now to greet you,” pointing to the Shahanshah in his full regalia followed by the rest of the court.

The Maharajah asked, Nasrudin “How did he visit all those cities thousands of miles from each other in such a short time? Did he travel by a flying carpet?”

“No Sire,” replied Nasrudin, “he rode his super fast steed, Shahab.”

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