Nasrudin and the businessman

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Mullah Nasrudin was a fisherman. One afternoon he was resting happily on the shore when a rich merchant saw him and said, “Mullah is there a storm at sea?”

Mullah replied, “No, thank God no storm for a long while?”

Businessman demanded pompously, “Then why aren’t you fishing?”

Nasrudin smiled and replied, “I fished enough for today’s needs so I am taking the afternoon off.”

Merchant said, “You should be at sea catching more fish.”

Nasrudin asked, “Why?”

Businessman explained, “You could earn more money and save that money. Then you could buy another boat and hire other fishermen to fish for you. Soon with extra hard work you can buy an Ocean going boat and be its Captain and with persistence and hard work in time you will have a fleet of ship and then you’ll be rich like me.”

Nasrudin asked, “Why would I want to do that?”

The rich merchant retorted, “Why then you could have plenty of leisure time. You could take your afternoons off.”

Nasrudin smiled and said, “Like I am doing just now!”

The above story reminds me of when I was in Paris….

Then that’s another story….

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