Mullah Nasrudin the great archer

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One evening, Mullah Nasrudin was drinking tea in the tea house with his cronies. The subject turned to archery. As usual Nasrudin boasted that he was a great archer. One of the vilage wags challenged him to demonstrate his skills for the village the next day.

The Mullah said, "I would love to, but I have no bow."

The wag said, "I’ll provide you with the best bow. It’s one used in the sultans annual archery competition."

Nasrudin next made the excuse of not having arrows and then a target. Each time his cronies agreed and said that they knew he was the best but he could not show them how good he was without arrows and target. And each time one of his enemies in the village said he would provide the necessary object.

So it was that the next day at noon the mullah appeared in the village square with bow in hand. He shot off the first arrow. It landed short. The Mullah bowed and said, "This is the way my brotherĀ  shoots. He is timid and has an inferiority complex."

The next arrow went too far and Nasrudin bowed again and said, "And this is the way my father shoots. He has a superiority complex and is full of himself."

The next arrow went to the right of the target and the comment was, "My cousin shoots this way. He is a conservative with less intelligence than my donkey. He knows the universe was created in six days six thousand years ago and scientists know nothing."

To the left arrow he exclaimed, "And this is how my other cousin the one who is a university professor and has an IQ of one seventy shoots."

Finally the next arrow hit the target. In fact it was a bulls eye. Mullah Nasrudin bowed for the final time and said, "This, ladies and gentlemen, is how I shoot," and he went back to the tea house for a well deserved tea and a smoke of the ghalyoon (hooka or hubble-bubble).

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