Mullah Nasrudin the baseball umpire

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Mullah Nasrudin emigrated to the USA and decided to get involved in Baseball the national pastime. Since he was too old to play he became an umpire and moved up the ranks of umpire. Soon Nasrudin was a top umpire.

One day in an umpire’s conference there was a discussion. One umpire said, ” call it the way I see it.”

Another said, “I call it the way it is.”

Most umpires agreed with one or the other side. Soon they turned to Mullah Nasrudin and asked him his view point on this issue.

Mullah Nasrudin strokes his beard, thinks and says, “It ain’t nothing until I call it!”


The above story is deep down about consciousness, quantum mechanics, objective reality, subjective reality vs. consensus reality. It is in reality the same as the following Zen story:

Two Zen monks saw a flag fluttering in the wind. The first one said, “The flag is moving.”

The second replied, “The air is moving.”

After a long argument they turned to the master who was listening quietly and asked him who was right. The master smiled and said, “It is the mind which is moving.”

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