Mullah Nasrudin the bank robber and the mother in law

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Mullah Nasrudin’s wife was a well known shrew, but she was an angle next to her mother who disliked the Mullah to end.  She kept plotting with her daughter against him and gossiped about Nasrudin most of the time.

Some go as far as saying that in truth Nasrudin is extremely wise and all the stories which make him out to be a fool were started by this mother in law and have no basis in fact.

On day the Mullah and his mother in law were in the big city shopping and they saw a bank robbery. As they stood entranced watching, the bank robber rushed out and asked the guy next to Nasrudin if he had seen him robbing the bank.

When the guy replied in the affirmative the bank robber took out his revolver and shot the man in cold blood. Next he turned to Mullah Nasrudin and said, “And you with the turban, did you see me robbing the bank?”

Nasrudin did not hesitate and replied, “Not me sir. I saw nothing but my mother in law, here, she saw it all!”

This is the first video I’m doing. Soon there will be many more videos like this:

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