Mullah Nasrudin and snoring

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Nasrudin and snoring

Mullah Nasrudin’s wife kept complaining that he snored. The Mullah said, “It is absolutely impossible. I have awakened myself a few times in the middle of the night and I was never snoring.”

Since this was short I’ll include a few other short Mullah Nasrudin teaching stories.

Heaven and hell:

They asked Nasrudin how long will humanity last? The Mullah replied, “So long as there is room in heaven and hell.”


Whenever they would ask Nasrudin for something he would give it the next day. They asked him how come? Nasrudin replied, “I want people to appreciate the stuff.”


Nasrudin returned from Baghdad. Someone asked him, “What did you there?”
Nasrudin replied, “Sweat!”

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