Mullah Nasrudin and the sea water

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Three short Mullah Nasrudin short teaching stories:

Nasrudin and the sea water

Note in those days no refrigerators so they would smoke the fish to preserve it. These were extremely salty.

They asked Nasrudin why is the sea water salty?

The Mullah replied, “Haven’t you eaten fish? You know it’s so salty. It’s obvious if you throw so many fish in the sea the water will become salty.”

An eye for an eye…

Nasrudin was the Ghazi (judge). A young lady complained that a young man had kissed her by force. The Mullah thought to himself and after some contemplation announced the judgment, “You can do by force what he did to you by force.”

The show off.

One day Nasrudin was in the presence of the Sultan and the court, target practicing. He pulled his bow and aimed. The arrow fell short. Nasrudin said, “This is the way my father used to shoot.”

His next shot flew long. The Mullah said, “This is the way my brother shoots.”

Finally accidently he hit the target and shouted, “And this is the way I shoot.”

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