Mullah Nasrudin the priest and the minister

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Mullah Nasrudin was walking in the countryside with a priest and a minister. It was a hot day and they were sweating  profusely. Nasrudin cried aloud, “Dear God, we are three of your hard working servants, please let us find solace from this heat.”

Just then they came to a large pond. Since there was no one around and they had no swimming custumes, they quickly disrobed and began cooling themselves as God had created them.

Unfortunately some mischievous children discovered their clerical robes and took them for fun and started screaming for the villagers to come and look.

The priest and the minister ran out of the pond covering their genitals. Nasrudin too ran out but he covered his face. The minister said, “Don’t you have any shame. Why do cover your face?”

Nasrudin replied, “That’s the part of my anatomy my congregation knows.”

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