Mullah Nasrudin and the misunderstanding

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Mullah Nasrudin immigrated to the USA and became a university professor. One day he arrived at the weekly university talk open to all the public. Typically these talks were given by visiting professors and attended by the university staff and their spouses, as well as few students and general public.

As Nasrudin entered the huge lecture theater the university president took him to the side and said, “You are giving the talk.”

The Mullah replied, “I’m not ready for a lecture. What happened to the guy who was supposed to give the talk?”

The president informed him that the visiting professor had been delayed because of a snow storm and he had to give the talk.

Nasrudin asked, “Why me and what’s the topic?”

The President told him, “You talk on the subject of sex because you are the only one who’s spouse is not here,” and before he could complain he pulled Nasruding with him to the podium and they announced that professor Nasrudin was going to give a talk on sex and marital bliss.

So Nasrudin started to wing it and soon he was quite enjoying himself and got into a stride. Everyone really enjoyed the talk. Forty five minutes later he finished and received a standing ovation.

That evening when Nasrudin got home his wife asked how the day had gone? The Mullah said that he had given a talk.

“Really,” asked his wife, “What was the talk about?”

The Mullah did not wish to tell his wife that he had been talking about sex and marital bliss and perhaps reveled some information about their sex life and bedroom happening. So he replied, “I talked about sailing.”

His wife was incredulous. She said, “But you don’t know anything about sailing?”

“I know that, but they didn’t,” and that was the end of the conversation.

The next day Nasrudin’s wife bumped into a couple of ladies who had heard the talk. One of then told her, “I didn’t know your husband was such an expert in the subject.”Nasrudin’s wife said, “Oh, no he really isn’t such an expert. In fact he’s only done it twice, and the first time he lost his hat and the second time he fell over the side.


I heard the above teaching story in a seminar and changed it and put it in my own words as a Mullah Nasrudin story. As I have mentioned before when I find a teaching story with the right kind of absurdity that it could be a Nasrudin story I make it into one.

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