Mullah Nasrudin and thank God

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Here are three short teaching stories:

Nasrudin and thank God:

Mullah Nasrudin had bought a new pair of shoes that he only wore to feasts. One day, he was plowing his field while wearing hi pair of old torn shoes. He hurt his foot on a big thorn. As he was washing and bandaging his bloody foot he thought to himself, “Thank God I was not wearing my new shoes.”

Adam’s siblings:

The Mullah was a professor at the theology university. They asked Nasrudin, “Tell us how many brothers and sisters did Adam (the first human as in Adam and Eve or was it Adam and Lilith*) have, and what were their names?”

Nasrudin thought for a while and replied, “I used to know, but I have forgotten his brothers’ names and I am too old now to remember his sisters’ names.”

Adam and Lilith:

And now for something totally different. Apparently Adam had a headstrong mate called Lilith. She wanted to do things her own way. So Adam complained to God and God got rid of the shrew (Adam’s words not mine) and gave him Eve who was supposed to be subservient. However, she showed him.

By the way God said to Adam and eve that if they eat from the fruits of the tree of knowledge they will die on that day. The serpent said that they would live and their eyes would be opened.

One of the two lied and the other told the truth.

If you don’t know which is which read Genesis 2. Anyway, then when he has been caught, Adam, the coward hides, behind the woman’s skirt instead of taking responsibility for his own actions.

Oh well, I suppose not much has changed.

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