Mullah Nasrudin the boy scout

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Mullah Nasrudin and his brother were both boy scouts.

They wanted to do good deeds and win many badges.

One week the scout master asked all the scouts about the good deeds they had performed in the last week.

One by one the scouts talked about their respective good deeds. Finally it was the turn of Nasrudin’s brother. He proudly said, “I helped an old lady across the street.”

The scout master replied, “Excellent, excellent,” and turned to Nasrudin and continued, “And what did you do the last week?”

Nasrudin replied, “I helped the same old lady across the road.”

The scout master asked, “You are big boys. How come both of you had to work together to help a single lady across the road.”

Both the Nasrudins replied in unison, “We had to push her together. She didn’t want cross that street.”

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