Mullah Nasrudin and where’s the cat

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Mullah Nasrudin was giving a party for some of his best friends. He got his buddy the butcher to sell him two "mans" of the very best lamb for kabob (man is Iranian weight measure about six pounds so he got twelve pounds of lamb).

He took the lamb to his wife and asked her to marinated it for a whole day as the next evening he wanted her to cook the best chello kabob (if you don’t know what chello kabob is just go to a Persian restaurant) for the party next evening.

The Mullah’s wife looked at the lamb, examined it and noticed the quality and got it ready and invited a group of her friends for lunch next day. She bought some lower quality meat for the Mullah’s banquette for the men the evening.

At lunch time the ladies had a gustatory ball. They all complemented Nasrudin’s wife on her cooking and generosity. The kabob melt in their mouths and the polo (Persian rice) was fluffy and full of butter. The sumac was an absolute delight and the noon-e-sangak (bread), dough (yogurt based drink), onions just added to the epicurean feast.

That evening the men of the village gathered at the Mullah’s house for the promised feast. They all knew how the butcher had sold him the best cut. One taste of the kabob and the Butcher knew this was not his choice lamb. The second bite and the discerning knew it and by the third even those of the dullest taste buds understood that this.

The embarrassed Nasrudin rushed into the kitchen and grilled his wife, "What happened to my wonderful meat?"

The wife replied nonchalantly, "Oh that meat – the cat ate it. I was lucky to get you anything at all. You should thank me."

Just then the cat ran into the kitchen meowing. The Mullah took the cat to the scales and weight her. The cat weight exactly two mans (twelve pounds – same as the meat).

He turned to his wife and said, "If this is the cat, where’s my meat? And if this is the meat, where’s the cat?"

The above story is dedicated to the recent Iranian elections where Ahmadinejad won many districts with more votes than electors in that district:

Where is My Vote?

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