Mullah Nasrudin and too near the boss

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Mullah Nasrudin is a Mullah (a Muslim cleric) and thus is not allowed to drink even a drop of alcohol.  However, he was known to drink wine every now and then “for medicinal purpose.” Whenever someone would catch him imbibing the forbidden nectar of Dionysus (i.e. wine), Nasrudin would exclaim, “This is not the accursed alcoholic wine which is haram (forbidden) but is medicinal wine and is halal (allowed). You can ask my doctor. He prescribed it.”

Often the hakim-bashi (healer or doctor), who liked wine too, would be drinking with the Mullah and would confirm that this wine was special with medicinal properties and the Mullah had to drink it at his orders.

One day the Mullah and the Doctor were flying to New York city (the land of the infidels) and the village had bought them first class tickets. As soon as the Mullah and the Doctor were seated they started to drink the wonderful vintage Champaign. Soon the plane was loaded and the Mullah continued to drink as the plane was climbing.

The the pilot came on the intercom and said, “We are now at thirty thousand feet and will soon reach our cruising altitude of thirty eight thousand feet.”

Immediately Mullah Nasrudin asked the air steward to bring him a glass of plain soda water. He shoved his half empty glass of Champagne in front of the doctor. The surprised doctor said, “What’s the matter? Have you had enough?”

Nasrudin replied, “Never enough…. It’s just that we are getting too near the boss!”

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