Mullah Nasrudin and the rusty ax

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Mullah Nasrudin was cutting a tree with a rusted ax. A friend came by and said, “Mullah, you cannot cut the tree with that rusted ax. Sharpen it first. Then cut the tree.” Nasrudin replied, “Can’t. Have to cut it very quickly. Don’t have any time.”

This reminds me of Ben Franklin once saying that if you had twenty four hours to cut a tree spend twenty three hours to sharpen your ax and one hour to cut it.

So ask yourself how you can sharpen your ax but remember to take action and part of sharpening the ax is learning and part is doing. Also understand that just practicing does not make you better in itself. You have to practice with the intention of improving and sometimes you need a teacher.

I know in most sports, learning music and other physical skills, it is best to have a teacher or instructor at times and them practicing alone as well. There are free classes on internet for many fields especially computer fields like programming, web design and development.

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