Mullah Nasrudin and the last word

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Mullah Nasrudin continued his visit to the United States and visted the South. An evangelical fundamentalist Christian priest asked the Mullah about his clerical robes and turban. Upon discovering that Nasrudin was in the same business as he was determined to both discover the other’s modus operandi as well as potentially convert him.

The Christian priest kept extolling the superiority of his religion. The fundamentalist who had heard about Nasrudin being married to a shrew, talked about his wife and how she always did whatever he ordered.

"As it is written in our Bible," he said, "that wives should obey their husbands." He then turned triumphantly to his guest and asked, "Is there such a statement in your holy book?"

Nasrudin smiled and replied, "My friend, thank God the holy Koran is written in the holy language of Arabic which I do not understand, but I’m sure we have such rules too. In fact my wife and I have an agreement on these matters which has left us happily married all this fifty years."

The fundamentalist priest who was in reality not as much obeyed by his wife as he desired eagerly asked, "Dear Mullah, pray tell me what is this wonderful agreement?"

"We have agrred that in out household I always get the last word," said Mullah Nasrudin.

That is fantastic said the American, "How did you manage to get your wife to aggree to such a wonderful rule?"

Nasrudin said, "It was very simple but I’m not sure you’ll like it?"

"No, I wish to know how do you always get the last word," said the eager priest.

The Mullah ended the conversation by saying, "It was fifty years ago that we agreed that I would always get the last word so long as the words are: ‘yes dear!’"

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