Mullah Nasrudin and the Key

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Mullah Nasrudin is one night looking for something next to a lamp post in the street. A friend is going by and asks what he’s doing. The Mullah says, “I’m looking for my key which lost.” The friend decides to help and searches the ground under the lamp post.

Half an hour later the friend asks,”Are you sure you dropped your key here?”

Nasrudin replies, “Oh no I lost it inside my house in my bedroom.”

The friend screams, “Why in hell’s name, are we searching here?”

Nasrudin smiles and says, “There much more light here.”


I use the above story in my Transpersoanl Imagination seminars such as the Wishpower Seminar and the Michalangelo Weight Mnagement Seminar to suggest that often we search outside ourselves when the key to solving all our psychological challenges are inside ourselves.


A good teaching story must be multilayered, and multifaceted.

Thus another meaning of the key is that we use whatever tools available to us. As a Chinese saying says, “If you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail to you.”

Science is about the null hyposthesis and statistics. Thus one off rare events (the paranormal, miracles) are examined using statistics only because that’s where “the light is.” So we talk about “spontaneous remission” when we do not know what’s going on. It is interesting that more spontaneous remissions happen at Lourds, Mashad and other religious sites, than in antiseptic hospitals

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