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Even though by now Mullah Nasrudin was quite well off and could afford to eat chello kabob, sholeh zard, khoresht-e-karafs and other delicacies every day, he continued to eat stale bread and cheese (noon-o-panir) every day.

A friend asks him, "Why do you always eat bread and cheese like a pauper?"

Nasrudin replies, "I’m saving money."

The friend asks, "Why are you saving money?"

The Mullah says, "So I don’t need to eat bread and cheese!"


How often are you denying yourself something you can have today in order to have it tomorrow?

And I’m not writing about physical things. In our consumer society most of us have the opposite problem of living on credit and spending before we earn. I’m talking about happiness which is an internal state which you can have in the here and now by staying in the here and now.

I’m talking about rest and recreation. So many of us are workaholics so we can retire so we can have fun. Have some fun in the here and now.

So many of us do not meditate or use self-hypnosis because "we don’t have the time" even though these would save us so much time in the long run by refreshing our body/mind/soul/spirit.

Remember, Be Here Now

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