Mullah Nasrudin and prayer answered

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Mullah Nasrudin was very devout but poor. His wife wanted a large house, jewelry, dresses, and all the accouterments.  She kept telling him, "Stop preaching and become a merchant like my sister’s husband. I’m ashamed in front of all my relatives."

Nasrudin was lazy by nature and was not ambitious kept replying, "God loves us and will provide."

This argument was overheard daily by their rich, miser of a neighbor.

One day when the argument was rather heated, Mullah’s wife added a new element. She said, "Why don’t you pray that God sends you some money if he loves you so much?"

Nasrudin prostrated himself and pleaded, "Dear God, I have served you for the last forty years. It’s now time for you to help protect me from this shrew of a wife."

The nosy neighbor who was listening in as usual decided to play a joke on them and threw a bag with a hundred gold coins into their garden.

Mullah Nasrudin picked up the bag looked within and thanked God for generocity and remaining true to him. He said, "Wife, we’re rich go and buy that dress you wanted," and handed a gold coin to her.

Hearing this the miser rushed down stairs and into the Nasrudin garden and screamed, "It was a joke. It my money. I threw it down."

The Mullah replied, "God gave it to me for continued service."

So the neighbor said, "I’ll take you to court."

Nasrudin said, "That’s not fair. The judge will see you arriving on your Arabian horse and me on my donkey and will be biased against me."

So the miser agreed to exchange steeds his beautiful horse for Nasrudin’s unruly donkey.

"Satisfied," he asked the Mullah.

Nasrudin said, "Look at you in your expensive clothes and me in my poor preacher’s rags. The judge will be biased against me."

This conversation went on for half an hour and so it was that next morning the Mullah and his neighbor went to the town to the Ghazi (judge).

The Mullah was dressed as a rich merchant, with gold rings, gold watch, silk robes from the land of the Chin (China) riding on a fast white Arabean steed. The merchant was dressed as a humble Mullah riding an ugly braying donkey.

First the miser told the story of what had happened and hos joke to the judge, who turned to the handsome newly bathed well dressed gentleman accused of stealing the plaintive’s gold coins and said what do have to say for yourself.

Nasrudin bowed ever so slightly to show that while he was paying respect he was in all ways the judges equal and said, "Your honor. This neighbor of mine is crazy. He thinks everything belongs to him. If you ask him, he will claim that the horse I came upon is his. He will even claim my beautiful Jewels and silken clothes are his."

The judge looked at the frustrated merchant who blurted out, "But your honor, they are all mine."

The judge dismissed the case immediately.


I wrote the above story because it’s funny and then I was wondering how it was a teaching story. I came to this conclusion that the Mullah’s prayer did come true and that miracles happened by natural means and need your active contribution (like the Mullah’s cleverness in this case). The prayer granting entity will provide you opportunities and you have to seize them.

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