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Mullah Nasrudin was at a boring party. So he sat in a courner and every now and then he would smirk and perhaps even laugh.

As I mentioned it was a boring party. So this guy went and started talking to the Mullah and said, "What are you doing?"

"Nothing, I’m just telling myself jokes," replied Nasrudin.

"That’s wonderful. I should try it, but tell me how come just now your burst out laughing?"

Mullah Nasrudin replied, "Oh, it’s simple. I hadn’t heard that joke before."

I use the above teaching story in many different seminars that I give and I ask the seminar participants to put away their preconceptions and approach the contents anew. This is equivalent of "the beginner’s mind" in Zen or Jesus said that the best way to enter the kingdome of heaven is to be as little children.

So be like a little child approach each instant as a source of joy. Approach each moment as a funny joke you have never heard. OK let’s be serious – no only joking – never be serious….

You don’t need to always burst out laughing – just a few times a day will do.

But, you can have a wonderful smile most of the time and if you are some place that a great smile may be frowned upon, you can still smile inside…..

The Voice of Paramahansa Yogananda – Be a Smile Millionaire

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