Mullah Nasrudin and America at last

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Mullah Nasrudin was visiting the USA. He first went to New York and saw the Empire States Building, in Washington D.C. he visited the Capitol, Smithsonian, Space museum, White House, the Mall, and many memorials.

Next he settled down in Los Angeles and visited Dineyland, Universal Studios, Magic Mountain, Knots berry Park and was living in an apartment in Hollywood. Somehow he still did nor feel that he had arrived in the United States. Something was missing.

Then one evening while walking home in the backstreets of Hollywood he was mugged. After the mugging was over and he was safe minus his wallet he said, "I can at last claim I have been to America."

The above is a true story. I was the victim of the mugging. In retrospect I was extremely lucky. The muggers did not have a gun, knife or any dangerous weapon. I lost some cash, a gold chain, and a few other things (it happened thirty years ago). I never reported it to the police, but I did feel that I had arrived in the USA at last.

Reminds me that when I used to live in England when US citizens would come to England they would have to see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, Saint Paul’s cathedral, Stone Henge, Stratford upon Avon and similar tourist places, to prove that they had been to England.

However when people from my native country of Iran would come they would have to know the interior of Harrods, Selfridges and other stores to prove that they had been to England.

In the same way given my expectations of the USA one had to be mugged before one could say that one had visited United States. Thank God, once I decided to setlle in the USA, I learned the ways of the country and that was the only time I was mugged.

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