Mullah Nasrudin and I agree

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I was searching for this (one of the best known stories) to send to my sister and much to my surprise I had never written it. So here it is for you Sousan jan. Others can benefit too.

Mullah Nasrudin was a Ghazi (judge) and there was a major case before him.

First it was the turn of the plaintiff. He had the gift of the gab. He declared his case brilliantly. At the end he sat down and Mullah Nasrudin commented, “I agree, I agree!”

Now it was the turn of the defendant. He was so eloquent and point by point countered the plaintiff. He said it all and demonstrated how he was right. At last he sat down and Nasrudin exclaimed, “I agree, I agree!”

To this the clerk of the court added: but Mullah they can’t both be right.

The Mullah thought for a while and put his head in his hands and whispered, “I agree, I agree!”

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