The man who gained weight in prison

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This is a true story. In 1953 the people of Iran threw out Mohamad Reza Pahlavi, the puppet of Angelo Iranian oil company (later to be known as British Petroleum – BP of Gulf of Mexico fame). Unfortunately the British government had convinced the ignorant US government that the democratically elected nationalistic government was pro-communist. It wasn’t but just mentioning the word communism to the Dulles brothers (Secretary of State and CIA chief) was akin to waving a red flag (pun intended) in front of a mad bull…

So there was a meeting in Geneva and ten million dollars were given to the Shah’s sister, General Zahedi and assorted mobsters (Shaboon without a brain among others) and there was a CIA organized coup d’etat.

And the Shah returned as an absolute dictator and American puppet…

Enough history and preamble – now for:

The man who gained weight in prison

After the 1953 coup d’etat all the usual suspects (intellectuals, honest journalists, nationalists) would be rounded up whenever the political temperature would get too high and the dictator or his CIA handlers got paranoid…

My father was among those who was jailed a few times between 1953 and 1956. Given that he was a famous surgeon with his own hospital and the son in law of the chief judge my father was never tortured but he did the screams of those who were tortured under the supervision of CIA. Many teachers, nationalistic armed forces officers and other not so famous people had their finger nails pulled off their nails and testicles electrocuted (Abu Graib was typical CIA savagery to me).

But my father, thank God, was a VIP and was just jailed and kept away from his family. Among the other VIP inmates was Mr. T (I don’t wish to give his full name).

Mr. T was the owner and publisher of a satirical political weekly. Now the food in the prison was meager (even in the “VIP” section). Each day we would go to the political jail where my father was interned (arrest without charge or recourse) and take him (and the guards – they were not paid well) food. Even so my father’s weight kept going down as he shared his food with other less lucky political prisoners and the hungry guards.

However, Mr. T kept gaining weight.

I asked my father how come the famous editor kept gaining weight.

Even though polygamy was legal in Iran (you could have four wives and multiple concubines), we did not know anyone who had more than one wife. The educated class were very Westernized and did not believe in polygamy.

However, Mr T did have two wives. They lived in different cities and were not aware of each other.

Mr T who was quite rich bribed the guards to keep the wives away from each other. Each day one wife would visit him from eleven till twelve and the other from one to two. So Mr T had to eat two lunches each day and he gained weight.

Unfortunately one day there was a mix up in the timing. There was a traffic jam or something (I was only seven or eight years old at the time) and the two wives ended up arriving at the jail at the same time. And all the kings horses and all the kings men…


By 1957 my father had opened his new larger hospital and he was part of the establishment and was never jailed again. But the jailing and torturing and execution of many patriots continued under the Shah’s dictatorship…

And so it goes…

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