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This is an oral story about the Prophet Jesus (may peace be on him) – I’m writing this from a Muslim point of view to emphasize the fact that Jesus is a Prophet to the Muslims as are Moses, David, Joseph and all other Prophets of the Jewish and Christian Bibles.

Jesus told the disciples to carry some stones and follow him.

Each selected a stone of different size.

Peter chose a small pebble.

A few hours later it was lunch time and Jesus told his disciples to throw their stones on a carpet. He next whispered something and each stone turned into the most tasty meal of the same size.

Since Peter had carried a small pebble he got a tiny morsel.

After their meal Jesus askedĀ  the disciples to pick upĀ  some stones and follow him.

This time Peter selected the largest stone he could carry.

A few hours later Jesus told them it was time to eat.

Peter was happy to be about to get such a large dinner.

Jesus told the the disciples to throw the stones in a river and follow him to a friends house where they all ate identical meals…

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