Gift of God

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This teaching story comes from Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism literally meaning receiving…

When the Ultimate Reality created the heavens, earths, and the gods doves did not have wings.

Each day the lion would persecute the dove, running after her and scaring her to near death.

The dove prayed to the Ultimate Reality for help and succor. Ultimate Reality being the source of Ultimate Loving Kindness had compassion on the dove and gave the dove wings to escape from the lion.

Next day the dove pranced in front of the lion showing off his beautiful wings.

The lion chased – the dove ran as fast as possible…

Typically the dove would get away at the last moment – but today the wings got in the way – you see the dove did not know what the wings were for – he imagined he could run faster with them…

So this time the lion caught the dove and ate him.

Somewhere beyond time and space in dove heaven, the dove complained to the dove god. He said, “I asked for help and now I’m dead. You call this justice? You call this loving kindness?”

The dove god explained the truth. Thought all about Ultimate Reality – the Truth (Al Hagh) beyond conception and words. The dove god explained what the wings were to be used for…

Since that time no lion has killed a dove…


Note:  When the Ultimate Reality created the heavens, earths, and the gods refers to the first sentence of Genesis which according to a Kabbalistic translation means, “The beginningness created the gods, the heavens and the earths…

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