I felt the earth move

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This afternoon we had one of those typical Southern Californian earth quacks. It reminded me of a time about twenty five years ago when there was another Lakers/Celtics rivalry. Those were the times of Magic Johnson and Kamal Abdal Jabbar on our side and Larry Bird on theirs.

Anyway at the time I worked for a company which had just been bought by another from Boston. So we amplified that rivalry between us and the people from our parent company.

Anyway, one day they sent a new manger to see how we laid-back Californians were working and how could they make our operation more efficient.

As it happened when this manger first arrived at our office we had one of those earth quakes. This guy got so scared that he nearly caught the next plane back to Boston.

We teased him and he teased us and we became great friends. I cannot remember who won that specific year’s NBA final.


And now for the Mullah Nasrudin story.

Mullah was making love to his when exactly at the moment of climax an earth quack shook the whole ground.

Next day he was in the caravansary (tea-house) and he bragged to his friend, “I know this is pure love with my wife. Last night we made love and not only did I feel the ground move, my wife felt it too.”

His friends told him, “You fool, we all felt it move.”

At which Nasrudin said, “Wow, I’m so good, even you guys felt it.”

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